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2017 Tours 

We are so excited to be looking ahead into 2017 and planning the tours we'll be doing. Here's a breakdown of how next year is going to look. We'd love to see you at our concerts! There are still a few holes left to be filled, so if you'd like us to come to your event, contact us and we'll try to fit you in!

FLORIDA - March 15-31, 2017

CAROLINAS - April 19-28, 2017

COLORADO/NEW MEXICO - June 1-13, 2017

MICHIGAN - July 27-August 10

ARKANSAS - October 6-16, 2017

GEORGIA - November 21-December 5, 2017

Be in prayer for us that the Lord would make our paths straight, keep us safe, and keep us sane!

New Candid Review 

"To say that I’m blown away with this project is really an understatement. It’s not your typical Southern Gospel or Country Gospel recording whatsoever…and it’s right up my alley. I suppose you could say this is type of crossover project…not exactly strictly Country or Southern Gospel, but enough flavor from both to make it really good.
From the first song to the last, I have honestly enjoyed this project as much as any I have any that I have ever received.  Yes….any.  And that says a lot about this project.  It was good enough to bring me from review seclusion to let you know just how good this recording is."

Excerpt from southerngospelcritique.com review of Candid.

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